Create Mundan Invitation card

Create Mundan invitation card to invite your family and friends to the auspicious ceremony. You can choose any mundan invitation template to create e-invite and share with your guests on WhatsApp, Facebook, email etc.

These Mundan invitations will be delivered in PDF and image format to download. The mundan invitation can be created for boy or girl child.

Choose Mundan Ceremony Invitation Template

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How to create Mundan Invitation

You can create Mundan invitation by following the below steps:

  1. Choose your favorite invitation template for Mundan Invitation.
  2. Fill the details of Mundan ceremony and complete payment for the invitation.
  3. Then we will create your beautiful invitation and send the PDF and image within 1 day.

What is Mundan ceremony?

“Mundan” refers to the traditional Hindu ritual of shaving or cutting a child’s hair for the first time. It is also known as “Chudakarana” or “Choul Karma.” The mundan ceremony is considered an important cultural and religious event in many Hindu communities.

The term “Mundan” is derived from the Sanskrit word “mund,” which means “shaved head.” The ceremony is typically performed during the first or third year of a child’s life, and the timing can vary based on regional and family traditions.

Features of good Mundan ceremony invitation card

We have listed some of the features of good mundan invitation card. We have included all these features in our mundan invitation templates.

  • The name of the child should be included clearly and preferably in big letters.
  • The date and time should be accurate.
  • Venue of the ceremony must be included clearly. You can also include the Google Map link of the location of mundan.
  • Photo of the boy or girl can be included to make the invitation attractive.
  • The design, background, borders, font and colors should match each other.
  • The format of invitation should be accessible in all devices. PDF and image format are the most popular format for share digital mundan invite.

How to share Mundan e-invitation

Sharing a Mundan e-invitation can be done through various digital platforms and communication channels. We have listed various ways on how to share a Mundan invitation card online :

  1. Save the Invitation File: Save the Mundan e-invitation file in a format that is easily shareable online. Common formats include PDF, JPEG, or PNG.
  2. Email: Attach the Mundan e-invitation to an email and send it to the intended recipients. Include a personalized message in the body of the email expressing your excitement and inviting them to the ceremony.
  3. Social Media: Share the Mundan e-invitation on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can either upload the image directly or include a link to the invitation if you’ve used an online invitation platform.
  4. Messaging Apps: Share the e-invitation through messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other platform that you and your guests commonly use. You can send the invitation as an attachment or share a link to it.
  5. Personal Messages: In addition to mass-sharing methods, consider sending personal messages or making phone calls to close family and friends to ensure they receive the invitation and are aware of the ceremony details.
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